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Easter - Traditional Holidays (March, 29)
Easter Holiday is one of the most important events in the Christian world, commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In every corner of the Catholic world, this holiday takes on different expressions depending on tradition and local customs.

It begins with Palm Sunday with an original appearance that represents the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The faithful come to church carrying palms that will be blessed in the church. There is a belief that the blessed palms will bring blessed protection to homes, so they are conserved throughout the year. In Ecuador, Good Friday, during the Easter Holiday, is expressed by colourful and fervour processions, which combine elements of paganism with Christianity, each city become the centre of attention of national and foreign people.
The main processions take place in Quito (Jesus del Gran Poder), Guayaquil (Cristo del Consuelo) and Riobamba (Señor del Buen Suceso), in addition to the processions there are live dramas with the participation of the native people representing the agony and crucifixion of Christ in Cotocachi and Uruquí, Imbabura; the procession at night of cucuruchos in Chambo and Licón in Chimborazo, among others.

In gastronomy, �Fanesca� is a typical meal during Easter, traditionally prepared in the Ecuadorian houses. This dish, highly requested at this time is prepared with milk, grains and dried fish. This delicious soup is supplemented additionally with mashed potatoes and a variety of desserts like rice pudding, figs and cheese with fresh peaches.

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