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Touch the Sky of Quito by Cable Car

Ecuador's first cable car is in Quito, and is one of the major tourist attractions that national and foreign people should visit. It is located in Cruz Loma, on one side of the Pichincha volcano, with a majestic view of Quito city.

The inclination is in a straight line over a distance of 2,500 m, based on the slopes of the Volcano Pichincha at the height of “La Gasca” to 2950 m altitude up to Cruz Loma, to 4,050 m....

From the mountain, you can admire the city in all its splendour. At night, the view of Quito is really impressive, with its domes and churches, its city’s surroundings is illuminated that will amaze the tourists.

From there you can enjoy a panoramic view, admiring the beauty of the snowy mountains and volcanoes, including Cotopaxi, Cayambe and Antisana, among others that are part of the chain of volcanoes. You will enjoy a spectacular view area, cafeteria and restaurant. On December, 2008 it was the opening of Ermita La Dolorosa. In addition there is a possibility for hiking and horseback riding.

In the first level, you will enjoy the Pichincha Volcanic Amusement Park that features attractions like "Vulcano Park”, mechanical amusement park that is permanently open. You will enjoy our excellent food, coffee-bars, and several craft shops. You will have a great time listening our outdoor shows, dances and folklore groups.

How to get there?
Drive up to the Occidental Avenue and at the height of Av La Gasca you can take private vehicles or buses that are located in strategic places of the city, such as the Airport, La Carolina Park, Trole-Bus terminal and principal shopping centers.

How much?
Adults pay US $8.40
Children US $6.50

Diego Utreras Hidalgo
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